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Our Jealous God

by Tim Edwards

Our text in Acts 12 is a bit of a diversion from the main narrative but has a powerful message about the character of God. Herod found out the hard way that our God is a jealous God who always seeks to protect His honour.

Jail Break: There Are No Bonds That God Cannot Break

by Tim Edwards

Peter’s supernatural escape from prison recorded in Acts 12 can be an inspiration to those of us who deal with the less tangible but very real  imprisonments of chronic oppression. God wants His children to know freedom. What we learn about God from Peter’s jail break should give us hope.

Excelling at the Grace of Giving

by Tim Edwards

One of the early tests of the diversity of the early church was the need to respond to a period famine in Judea that was impoverishing the church in Jerusalem. The response in Antioch was similar to many of the fledgling churches springing up around the Mediterranean. The original church in Jerusalem would have largely been ethnically Jewish and the new […]