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Dale Seely’s Journey

by admin

On this Family Sunday, “Body Speaks”, the monthly sharing of a personal testimony to God’s redemptive work, featured Dale Seely. Dale shared how God brought him along on his faith journey, guiding his path to becoming a part of the family at New Glasgow Christian Church.

A Peace That Defies Reason

by Tim Edwards

It’s Thanksgiving and in these unsettling and bewildering times in our world, it is good to reminded that, for the believer, our thankfulness is not dependent on external factors such as health or wealth or politics but it is anchored in a peace that defies reason. It is rooted in the sense of well-being that we […]

The Battle for Hearts and Minds

by Tim Edwards

Clearly the war was won by Christ on the cross when He defeated sin, death and Satan. Until He returns, the battle rages on for people’s hearts and minds. Our passage today gives an example for us to follow as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission