Sermons from June 2018

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Breaking Bread – 2018-06-17


Breaking Bread is a touching weekly presentation by Tim Edwards in preparation for communion. This week is a reminder of the tender reunion of the disciples with Jesus, His third appearance to them following the resurrection.

God’s Love for Me is Laser Guided


Psalm 139 presents David’s thoughts about his God. The degree to which David felt God’s love is unique to each one of us challenges the notion that God’s love is generic. This is the beauty of the new covenant in Christ.

Learning to Rely on God’s Love


God does not call His followers to a life of discipline, sacrifice and self-denial because they are virtuous pursuits in and of themselves. No, He knows better than anyone that pursuing holiness results in His best for us. Only a God who loves us would care enough to do everything that we need to enable us to […]