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A Defining Moment For The Church

by Tim Edwards

In Acts 15 we read of a conflict that would ultimately result in a clear defining of two distinct covenant communities, the old covenant community of the Jews and the new covenant community of Christians. The question that arose was whether or not Gentile believers needed to be circumcised and be part of the old covenant community. The […]

Two Weird Visions…and Unclean is Clean

by Tim Edwards

As we follow the narrative of Acts we are beginning to see the implications of Christ’s introduction of a New Covenant. Last week our focus was on how Christ’s work of atonement rendered the sacrificial system of the Law obsolete. This week, we see that the purification rites of the law became non-binding and ultimately symbolic […]

Jesus and the New Covenant

by Tim Edwards

2017-08-06 Every time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper we here Jesus’ words; this cup is a new covenant in my blood. We explore the meaning and significance of this familiar yet puzzling phrase