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Its Not A Fair Fight

by Tim Edwards

Stephen, one of the chosen Deacons of the first church, was its first martyr. He was framed by a formidable bunch known as the Synagogue of Freedmen whose passion for the Jewish tradition blinded them to the good news of Jesus Christ and prompted them to use the rhetorical weapon of half-truths to justify the killing […]

A Godly Response To An Ungodly Threat

by Tim Edwards

2017-06-11  As we’ve seen, the first church, faced many external threats. In Chapter Six we see that not all of the threats came from outside the church. The first church was far from homogeneous in its constituency and this resulted in an issue that had the potential to divide the fledgling church. The Godly manner in which the church responds to […]

What Happens When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object?

by Tim Edwards

Although the Jewish leadership thought they were an immovable object, they were reminded by Gamaliel, one of their teachers of the law, that God is the ultimate unstoppable force. If this new Jesus movement was of God, it would be futile to stand in its way, no matter how immovable they thought they were.