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ISRAEL’s Only Hope – OUR Only Hope

by Tim Edwards

We conclude our study of Acts with Paul, under house arrest, still trying to help his people, devout Jews, recognize that Jesus Christ is their long anticipated Messiah. He tells them that the reason he is in chains is because of “the hope of Israel”. Israel’s only hope is our only hope…the redeeming work of […]

Being Consistent In the Face of Seemingly Fruitless Distractions

by Tim Edwards

Despite the opposition of most of his friends and colleagues, Paul finally makes it to Jerusalem committed to sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His experiences there could be described as a litany of seemingly fruitless distractions and yet he is not deterred and does not react out of frustration. He […]

The Fifth Commandment – Honour Your Parents

by Tim Edwards Honoring our parents is a critical foundation of¬†God’s perfect blueprint for a good life. There are implications for not just each observant¬†family but for society as a whole.

Biased Spiritual Advice

by Tim Edwards

Paul feels called of God to head to Jerusalem despite what he has been told by the Spirit will be trouble. His friends, his brothers and sisters in Christ, try to dissuade him, even by claiming that their opposition is compelled by the Spirit. Both can’t be the voice of God. Speaking into each others […]