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Breaking Bread 2018-07-22

by Tim Edwards

Breaking Bread is a touching weekly presentation by Tim Edwards in preparation for communion. This week is about the blood of Christ and how his ultimate sacrifice brings us salvation and freedom.

God’s Love For You Is Joyful

by Tim Edwards

If you suffer with self esteem issues you need to listen to this encouraging message!  God’s delight in you is not based on what you have done.   It is based on what He has done for you and how you recognize your need for it.

God’s Love For You Is Costly

by Tim Edwards

Not being able to fully appreciate the magnitude of God’s greatness, It is hard for us to understand the extent of Christ’s sacrifice in coming to save us. Looking at the surrender of His prerogatives gives us some understanding as to the lengths to which He was willing to go in loving each one of us. “His […]