Sermons from April 2017

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Exceeded Expectations


2017-04-30  Not getting what you expected from your relationship with God?  Perhaps He is exceeding your expectations…you just haven’t recognized it yet.  A study of Acts 3.

Money – Worry or Trust


23-Apr-2017  Guest speaker Paul Stevenson presents a biblical perspective on money from the parables of Jesus, about the opposites worry and trust, and about how we should view possessions

The Road to Emmaus…The Road to Sight


16-Apr-2017  The two disheartened disciples who encountered the risen Lord on the first Easter were not able to recognize him. Why was that? It was only when Jesus broke bread with them that they had their eyes open. Fallen humanity suffers from spiritual myopia, the inability to see reality as God does. The Risen Christ has the power to […]

Edith Ling’s Journey


9-Apr-2017  On this Family Sunday, “Body Speaks”, the monthly sharing of a personal testimony to God’s redemptive work, featured Edith Ling.  Edith shared how God brought her along on her faith journey, guiding her path to becoming a part of the family at New Glasgow Christian Church.

Are We Missing Something?


The “gold standard” church described in Acts 2:42-47, the first church, was contagious because of its passionate commitment to God and man. There are lessons in their example for any church.