Sermons from May 2017

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Hollow Threats


The measure of a threat is the perceived ability of the one threatening to deliver on their threat. As the disciples gathered together to process the threats of the religious leaders who demanded that they refrain from spreading the gospel, they were consoled by thoughts of the sovereignty of God. Instead of retreating or changing the message, […]

Two Very Different Cornerstones


Peter and John used the healing of the lame beggar to validate the gospel message. In so doing, Peter referenced Old Testament scripture that employed the concept of a cornerstone as a metaphor. He accused the Jewish leaders as builders who had rejected Christ as their cornerstone. Peter contrasts the builders, the buildings and the cornerstones used by […]

Setting The Record Straight


Contrary to growing sentiment, Christianity is not against women. Scriptures are clear that in every respect men and women are equal before their creator, God. Divinely created gender roles do not diminish this equality but rather provide opportunity for both men and women to serve each other as Christ has served the church…selflessly

The Awkward Gospel


2017-05-07 Peter and John had every opportunity to emphasize the positive as folks gathered around to celebrate the miraculous healing of the lame beggar in Acts 3. Instead, they used the opportunity to confront the people for their complicity in crucifying the man’s true healer, Jesus Christ. The gospel requires such a confrontation. The good news is that, […]