Sermons from November 2017

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What Did You Sign Up For?


After being stoned to the edge of death in Lystra, Paul, accompanied by Barnabus, moved on to Derbe to continue their work of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Then, at great risk of being attacked again, they decided to go back to Lystra to encourage those who had responded to the gospel. Their […]

The Insidious Nature of the Original Sin


  I doubt any of us have been mistaken for gods like Paul and Barnabus were in Lystra. Their visceral and demonstrative disavowal of any such notion is a powerful reminder to us of the dangers of giving pride a foothold and emphasizes the essential nature of humility in our relationship to God and man.

A Lesson from Passchendaele


This Remembrance Day we commemorate the 100th anniversary of one of Canada’s most gruesome battles, The Battle of Passchendaele. This WW1 battle in Belgium has come to symbolize the brutality of that horrific war and has been characterized as an exercise in futility. It would be easy for Christians today to look around at the many fronts […]

Spiritual Agility


As  Paul and Barnabus travelled around the Roman Empire spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, they were met with fierce opposition from the Jewish leadership who refused to embrace change even when it had all of the hallmarks of being rooted in truth. This posture of “digging in our heels” can be found in the […]