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Breaking Bread 2018-07-22


Breaking Bread is a touching weekly presentation by Tim Edwards in preparation for communion. This week is about the blood of Christ and how his ultimate sacrifice brings us salvation and freedom.

When Death Loses Its Power


Why did Peter successfully pray for Dorcas to be raised from the dead? Jesus didn’t come to eliminate the death of our mortal bodies. Unless Christ returns in our lifetime we will all eventually die, but Dorcas’ resurrection does speak to the greater victory over eternal death that Christ provides!

The Road to Emmaus…The Road to Sight


16-Apr-2017  The two disheartened disciples who encountered the risen Lord on the first Easter were not able to recognize him. Why was that? It was only when Jesus broke bread with them that they had their eyes open. Fallen humanity suffers from spiritual myopia, the inability to see reality as God does. The Risen Christ has the power to […]

The Resurrection “Clincher”


On the Day of Pentecost, while the disciples were being powerfully filled with the promised Holy Spirit, Peter preached a sermon to a large crowd of onlookers. The result was 3000 people being transformed from skeptics to believers. What was the clincher? The fact of the singularly unique, precedent setting resurrection of Jesus Christ was the fact that turned their lives […]