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The Abrahamic Covenant-Part 2


We consider the role that Israel, Abraham’s descendant nation, was to play in blessing the whole world and present the quandary of whether or not Israel is still to expect the realization of God’s promises to Abraham.

The Noahic Covenant

As we continue to see God’s unfolding plan of redemption through His covenants, we are challenged to understand the justification for Noah’s salvation from the flood and introduced to the key concept in the gospel of Jesus Christ…righteousness by faith.

The Adamic Covenant


After Adam and Eve broke God’s first covenant with them, a new covenant was required, the terms of which recognized that paradise was lost. Despite the┬ádevastating consequences brought on by their disobedience, we still see a gracious God giving hope for the eventual redemption of humanity

The Edenic Covenant


This covenant between God and Man occurred before the fall of man and reveals God’s desire to lavish His creation with all that he could ever need. It was a conditional covenant that required man to submit to His authority or pay the ultimate penalty of death. We all know how that went! Even in […]