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Breaking Bread 2018-09-09


Breaking Bread is a touching weekly presentation by Tim Edwards in preparation for communion.  This week is about the old covenant of works and the new covenant of grace.

God’s Love For You Is Costly


Not being able to fully appreciate the magnitude of God’s greatness, It is hard for us to understand the extent of Christ’s sacrifice in coming to save us. Looking at the surrender of His prerogatives gives us some understanding as to the lengths to which He was willing to go in loving each one of us. “His […]

Being Consistent in the Face of Seemingly Fruitless Distractions


Despite the opposition of most of his friends and colleagues, Paul finally makes it to Jerusalem committed to sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His experiences there could be described as a litany of seemingly fruitless distractions and yet he is not deterred and does not react out of frustration. He […]

Dale Seely’s Journey


On this Family Sunday, “Body Speaks”, the monthly sharing of a personal testimony to God’s redemptive work, featured Dale Seely. Dale shared how God brought him along on his faith journey, guiding his path to becoming a part of the family at New Glasgow Christian Church.

Excelling at the Grace of Giving


One of the early tests of the diversity of the early church was the need to respond to a period famine in Judea that was impoverishing the church in Jerusalem. The response in Antioch was similar to many of the fledgling churches springing up around the Mediterranean. The original church in Jerusalem would have largely been ethnically Jewish and the new […]

Test Yourselves


2017-07-09 Acts 8:4-25 is an unusual account of the Deacon, Phillip fleeing the persecution in Jerusalem and preaching the gospel in Samaria. It is a profound lesson in the unorthodox acceptance of the good news and serves as a strong warning to us today