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God’s Love For You Is Costly


Not being able to fully appreciate the magnitude of God’s greatness, It is hard for us to understand the extent of Christ’s sacrifice in coming to save us. Looking at the surrender of His prerogatives gives us some understanding as to the lengths to which He was willing to go in loving each one of us. “His […]

God’s Love For You Is Limitless


In our world of limited warranties and voluminous fine print it is only natural to expect limits to commitment. Wonderfully, this does not apply to God’s love. His love for you is not limited by who you are, what you have done or even what He knows you will do. It is truly limitless!

Learning to Rely on God’s Love


God does not call His followers to a life of discipline, sacrifice and self-denial because they are virtuous pursuits in and of themselves. No, He knows better than anyone that pursuing holiness results in His best for us. Only a God who loves us would care enough to do everything that we need to enable us to […]

Our Jealous God


Our text in Acts 12 is a bit of a diversion from the main narrative but has a powerful message about the character of God. Herod found out the hard way that our God is a jealous God who always seeks to protect His honour.